IMPS : Institute of Management & Professional Studies

Welcome to the Institute of Management & Professional Studies (IMPS), a place to pursue knowledge beyond traditional boundaries. You will encounter that attitude all around our center, in education, in scholarship, and in research. IMPS is started with the intent to impart quality in the field of education and equip young people with knowledge and skills which would help them, make a meaningful contribution to global competition. The institute offers academic programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Our Vision

To reach every individual who wants to enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills for the personal and professional growth irrespective of their background and culture.

IMPS's Mission

To nurture potential leaders and professional talents by providing them excellent guidance and learning platform.

Key Of Success

We believe knowledge is for all.

To Make distance Learning an Easy Access for students /potential learners, which eventually will give them a better career and growth in the future.