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Details About Course & application process

If you would like to study in the IMPS in the heart of the city that focus on chaning the world for better to morrow, you’re choosin the right place. We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit to our community with a full range of backgrounds. If you would like to study in the university in the heart of the city.

#CourseQualificationDuration / SemesterFeesMode of Study
1Certificate10+2 or Equivalent3 MonthsRs.20,000/(+GST).Online/Distance/Classroom.
2Diploma10+2 or Equivalent6 Months(1 Month OJT)Rs.40,000/(+GST).Online/Distance/Classroom.
3Advance Diploma10+2 or Equivalent9 Months(1 Month OJT)Rs.55,000/(+GST).Online/Distance/Classroom.

Certificate, Diploma & Advance Diploma offered in following Subjects 

#Course NameDuration/SemesterFees
1Advance Diploma In Business Administration9 MonthsRs. 55,000.00/(+GST).
2Advance Diploma In Business Management9 MonthsRs. 55,000.00/(+GST).
3Advance Diploma In Office Administration9 MonthsRs. 55,000.00/(+GST).
4Advance Diploma In Security Management9 MonthsRs. 55,000.00/(+GST).
5Certificate In Advertising Management6 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
6Certificate In Business Administration6 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
7Certificate In Event Management6 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
8Certificate In Export And Import Management6 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
9Certificate In International Business3 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
10Certificate In Marketing Management6 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
11Certificate In Material Management6 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
12Certificate In Operation Management3 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
13Certificate In Retail Management6 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
14Certificate In Supply Chain Management6 MonthsRs. 20,000.00/(+GST).
15Diploma In Advertising Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
16Diploma In Business Administration6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
17Diploma In Business Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
18Diploma In Event Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
19Diploma In Export & Import Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
20Diploma In Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP)6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
21Diploma In Human Resource Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
22Diploma In International Business6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
23Diploma In Marketing Executive6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
24Diploma In Marketing Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
25Diploma In Office Administration6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
26Diploma In Operation Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
27Diploma In Pharmaceuticals Sales Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
28Diploma In Quality Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
29Diploma In Retail Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
30Diploma In Security Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).
31Diploma In Supply Chain Management6 MonthsRs. 40,000.00/(+GST).

Things To Know First

The Common Application is required for students applying as per the qualifications mentioned above. You’ll be able to choose your campus and the programs that you are interested in.

Download Application form and Brochure from the blow.

When To Apply?

You apply online at any time. for more information please contact here: 

Where to submit application fees?

All payment process is online. all mode of payment accepted.